LED lighting

As the result of nearly 4 years of development work Coralstarled Master­piece LED lightning system was born, especially designed for marine and planted aquarium lightning. Forward-looking, innovative solutions were used during the development process, taking into account that the lamp will not required to be changed in the next 8-10 years thanks to the lifespan of the LEDs.

Every CSL lamp is individually tested and sold with guaranteed color temperature of 14,600 Kelvin. The lamp’s housing is made of 100% aluminium what makes is anti-corrosiv! The perfect distribution of the LEDs assures maximal Lumen and perfect wavelenght output ont he whole lightened area.

Environmentally sound and energy efficient solution without quality loss

  • 140° LEDS
  • Smooth light
  • Economic operation
  • No heat egress
  • Operating temperature is 28 Celsius
  • 14.600 K color temperature
  • Very high PAR readings
  • Redundant active cooling
  • Silent run
  • 50.000 hours of lifespan
  • 1% light decrease / year
  • 100% aluminium housing
  • stainless screws
  • silicon lining wire 



After years of designing and testing we proudly present our brand new protein skimmer product line, the Coraldongo series! During the development of the Coraldongo series we used our more then 10 years of experience in successful reef aquaristic. Our goal was not only to produce a skimmer with perfect performance but it possess an outrageous design. Our improved DS* technology means super silent run what makes Coraldongo product line a great choice for home aquariums.

*Dongo Silent